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Care and Worry about State Transitions

July 16, 2012


Ever had to try to explain why a certain part of a system is in a particular state and not been able to say what, why or when the data change happened? I have. Too many times. And it is all my own fault. I have contributed to the ‘update culture’ of software development by […]

The Query Object Pattern.

May 2, 2012


Intro It is not uncommon to see large, complicated queries unceremoniously plonked in repositories and even in controllers, services, whatever you choose to call your favourite abstraction. Even when concentrated inside repositories these can at times be hard to test, find and maintain. In this blog I aim to make another push for a pattern […]

CQRS is a philosophy

March 6, 2012


Much has been said about CQRS in the last few months. Leaders in the field have clarified their positions, not everyone liked the conclusion they had come to, poems have been penned about what CQRS actually is, frameworks and libraries have been developed and guidelines are being written. Etc. etc… For me, CQRS is a […]

Simplifying the visitor pattern with the dynamic keyword

February 29, 2012


The visitor pattern can be a very useful tool to have to hand when wanting to apply type specific processing to a collection or graph of varying subtypes. I suspect anyone that works with event sourcing or event streams of any kind (logging etc) would most likely have implemented the visitor pattern at some point […]